Little Petra Bedouin Camp is located in an ideal location for hiking, climbing and trekking. climbing the Rock Bridge here is unforgettable. 4×4 vehicle tours and hot air balloon riding at dawn and in the late afternoon are feasible with previous arrangement. Camel trips from the wadi to either Aqaba (several days) or Petra (about a week) may also be arranged.


Hot air ballooning;Also offered by Little Petra Bedouin Camp at Wadi Rum.
Microlight; Microlight flight in Wadi Rum, operated by the Royal Aero Sports Club of Jordan in Wadi Rum.


Little Petra Bedouin Camp; Traditional Bedouin tented areas and motor caravans, along with modern showers and toilets, The camp has large Bedouin tents divided into compartments for easy lodging, tents that have both a room and a seating area as is typical for Bedouin.

service-box3Horses & Camels
Horse and camel Riding is also offered by Little Petra Bedouin Camp, programs ranging from a few hours to a week.



service-box4Jeeps Tours
It is easy to sneer at the 4x4s available for visiting Wadi Rum. When one first sees them, one’s inevitable reaction tends to be “they date from the time of Lawrence of Arabia”.