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Few kilometers driving to the north of Petra, little Petra can be found hidden in the mountains beyond al-siq al-bared (the cold gorge) reveling the ruins of a caravan station of the Nabateans who carved amazing facades ,water tanks, steps that lead to the top of the surrounding mountains and some banqueting halls .

Little used to be also one of the main commercial areas of the capital city of the Nabateans Petra, the entry and exit point for the trade routes to the north and north-west. where the caravans from the Negev, Gaza and Ashkelon , from Jerusalem and the Phoenician coast would arrive and settle for a while to engage in trade, their camels and donkeys quartered in the broad acres near the cistern. The merchants probably stayed in the cool seclusion of the Siq al-Barid .

Close to little Petra there are the ruins of Beidah an archaeological site showing the foundation of a village where the first man kind start developing and improving his life style dated back to 6500 B.C and part of the agricultural sites of Petra the archaeological surveys reviled the existence of 22 wine pressers there that proved the importance of agriculture for the Nabateans and how they were obsessed with pressing the wine